Pictures of Someone's One and Only ONE

October 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

This little Starr took time out of her busy schedule of cheering for the Longhorns, playing with her 2 dogs, napping, and keeping her parents wrapped around her tiny little fingers to come visit me for a photo session. We've only been trying to work this out for a year, but as it turns out, her ONE YEAR portraits were just the perfect time to make it happen.

One Year Portraits - 08PhotoOne Year Portraits - 08Photo

One Year Portraits - 09PhotoOne Year Portraits - 09Photo

It just so happens that my wife has some kind of a family connection (ACU...or something like that...) with the little darling's parents, so it really was a win/win for all of us this weekend.

One Year Portraits - 04PhotoOne Year Portraits - 04Photo


One Year Portraits - 07PhotoOne Year Portraits - 07Photo

One Year Portraits - 10PhotoOne Year Portraits - 10Photo

The summer heat hadn't quite broken yet, but we were able to get an early start on the morning at a great new location I’ve found.  However, does anyone know an attorney, because we may have been liable for some B&E charges due to a locked gate?

One Year Portraits - 05PhotoOne Year Portraits - 05Photo

One Year Portraits - 02PhotoOne Year Portraits - 02Photo

If I recall correctly, it's not long after this age where smiling for the camera is replaced by running away from the camera, and things are a little more challenging...but hey...I like a good challenge. I'm thankful her parents took the time to frame these memories.

One Year Portraits - 03PhotoOne Year Portraits - 03Photo

One Year Portraits - 06PhotoOne Year Portraits - 06Photo And I have to say...this Red Raider was a little surprised the chosen color palette was not burnt orange. It would have been great either way, because even Bevo could not outshine this little Starr.

One Year Portraits - 01PhotoOne Year Portraits - 01Photo


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