Love to Photograph Seniors

May 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I absolutely love photographing young adults, like a soon to be liberated high school graduate. This time is sooo pivotal in their transformation into adulthood - if they only knew, right? Not to mention, it's probably the last time their life will be celebrated with professional portraits until that white dress and tuxedo.  So much happens for most of us between these two stages of life, and these senior portraits help complete ones before and after story. Ironically, most seniors see these images as their 'after', but we all know they are just stepping off to who they will become. Meet Christina, one such beautiful young adult.

06 High School Senior Portrait Photo


10 High School Senior Portrait Photo

It was so much fun to coax Christina's personality out as I helped her warm up to that camera aimed at her. My goal as always, make everyone feel confident in themselves, create a good time at a relevant location, treat everyone like the supermodel they are, and craft engaging portraits showcasing their genuine smiles and expressions. Christina excelled at the task at hand, just as I would expect any other senior class president to do.

07 High School Senior Portrait Photo

03 High School Senior Portrait Photo

04 High School Senior Portrait Photo

Christina, I can already tell you have solid roots, a maturity that will help you tackle the challenges ahead, and a smile that puts people at ease. Be proud of your achievement, and be blessed in your journey ahead.

01 High School Senior Portrait Photo



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