Family Portraits Down by the River

September 12, 2013  •  2 Comments


Family Portrait in River-03 Photo

As a father of two young preschool boys, and already feeling short on time, I can’t begin to image how parents of active middle and high school girls have the time to breathe or sleep. In fact, I had been approached by this family a few times prior to the summer for a family session, but with all of their efforts serving and teaching at church, going on missions, raising money for benevolence opportunities and missions like Arms of Hope, encouraging their young soccer and theater stars, and going to as many FC Dallas games as possible, it was understandably difficult for them to carve out time for a portrait session. Or, maybe just the thought of having to find matching clothes for everyone was too stressful.Family Portrait in River-06 Photo

Family Portrait in River-02 Photo

But, knowing what a priority it is to have family photos (and judging by a few profile pictures on Facebook, it had been A. WHILE.), they jumped at the opportunity to purchase a CBP voucher to support our church's mission trip to Chile earlier this summer. Everyone wins! I know I did - they were a joy to photograph. And now those new profile pictures are on their way.Family Portrait in River-09 Photo Family Portrait in River-08 Photo

Family Portrait in River-05 Photo

And their timing couldn’t have been better with the plethora of milestones for them this year: like starting junior high, starting high school, and dad hitting a major birthday (21, I think it was). These are those busy times that I hear just fly by; I’m so glad that we were able to preserve at least a few brief seconds for them through portraits.Family Portrait in River-10 Photo

Family Portrait in River-07 Photo


Family Portrait in River-01 Photo

And to those of you who think photo shoots are a drag, it's time to find a new photographer. At CBP, we know how to have fun!



Chad Brackeen Photography
Thanks! I try very hard to find the right location fit for each client, and my reward is when they love what we find as much as I do.
Chad, these are great photos, as usual. You certainly picked an excellent spot for your shots. Keep up the good work.
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