Burleson Newborn Portraits of a Colorful Spring Baby Hope

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This little sweetheart may have been her mommy & daddy's FOURTH little angel, but she definitely brought with her her share of firsts.

Burleson newborn 01 photoBurleson newborn 01 photo

She is the first one with dark hair (like daddy's).

Burleson newborn 06 photoBurleson newborn 06 photo

She is the first springtime baby (so naturally a picture outside was in order).

Burleson newborn 10 photoBurleson newborn 10 photo

She is the first one and only her.
Burleson newborn 11 photoBurleson newborn 11 photo

Burleson newborn 08 photoBurleson newborn 08 photo Burleson newborn 04 photoBurleson newborn 04 photo

Mom's signature move - the BIG bow. This bow will show up in at least one picture in each photo shoot until she's one or the dog eats it...whichever comes first.
Burleson newborn 03 photoBurleson newborn 03 photo
As a newborn photographer, it's ideal to photograph a new baby before they are 10 days old. Of course it can be done at any time, but to get those great, relaxed poses, we need a VERY sleepy baby. And most babies are happy to oblige us for about 10 days. That is why I was very happy that this little lady didn't come early. (We were out of town until a few days before her due date, and she just waited for us...) The shoot would not have gone as smoothly if you had come a few weeks early and we missed our golden opportunity. Uncle Chad thanks you.

Daddy's cowboy hat has made an appearance in all 4 newborn sons and daughters pictures...but each one with a unique look.
Burleson newborn 02 photoBurleson newborn 02 photo
I always take time in my newborn shoots to capture their hands, feet, eyes, ears, hair, etc. In the blink of an eye, those tiny parts will be hard to remember...but now they are saved forever. They grow up too fast.  

Burleson newborn 05 photoBurleson newborn 05 photo Burleson newborn 09 photoBurleson newborn 09 photo


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