Cutest New Midlothian Baby Comes to Burleson for Pictures

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Spoiler alert! This little lady just happens to be the first grandGIRL on both sides of her family. Like I said, spoiler alert. Her grandmothers were already breaking out the family heirlooms at just 11-days for her newborn pictures: Yay Yay's little chair and her great grandmother Tootsie's hat box and pearls!

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0016 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0016 Photo

Enjoy the slide show below, or continue on for some of our favorite portraits.

Burleson Newborn Portrait Chad Brackeen photographs a families first newborn baby in his new portrait studio in Burleson

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0010 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0010 Photo

Baby A arrived just in time for one mom to celebrate her first Mother's Day! And boy does she already have her daddy wrapped around her little finger too. So much so that she didn't mind peeing through Daddy's shirt one, no two, wait...three times! Whose idea was it to start photographing naked babies anyway? Oh wait, that was me. Oh come on, those little roles and fuzz and cheeks are adorable and need to be remembered before they are all grown out of. And I think I can quote daddy when I say it was all totally worth it!

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0019 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0019 Photo Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0005 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0005 Photo

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0006 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0006 Photo

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0011 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0011 Photo

When doing newborn shoots, it's important to prioritize your shot list. You never know when the little one will be D-O-N-E, and when that happens, it would behoove you to listen. So we work fast, safe, and start with most important shots. To me the must haves are the family shots, a good angle of our baby's face, and any essential props from mom. After this is when Pinterest can cause us problems...too many other great ideas to choose from! When our baby says it's over, we listen. Luckily, this lady let us have all of our fun and then some.

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0026 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0026 Photo

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0023 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0023 Photo

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0022 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0022 Photo

Thank you baby A for helping me break in the new Burleson studio! And thank you readers for pinning any of your favorite images. BTW, If you missed our mom’s maternity portraits you can see them here. Cheers.

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0029 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0029 Photo


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