Sisters Sisters | Children Photography in Burleson

August 19, 2014  •  2 Comments

I was in the middle of writing a generic blog post about testing new locations in Burleson, having to make quick use of my time before the sun got unbearably HOT (It's August y'all), and wondering how to incorporate this all into a witty blog post...all the while my wife keeps singing  "Sister, Sister" in my ear. (I'm not sure she knew any more words than those to whatever this song was, but she knew those...)

So, to YouTube we went...

Let's just say, I am now educated on The Haynes Sisters.

Here we go, adapted of course to the life and times of a two and four year-old.

Sisters, sisters 
There were never such devoted sisters, 
Never had to have a babysitter, no sir, 
I'm there to keep my eye on her. 

Caring, sharing 
Every little thing that we are wearing 

When it was time to get our photos done,
We wore our dresses, and we had fun!

All kinds of weather, we stick together 
The same in the rain and sweltering sun 
Two different faces, but in tight places 
We think and we act as one. 

Those who've seen us 
Know that not a thing could come between us 
Many toys have tried to split us up, but nothing can. 

Lord help the missy, who comes between me and my sissy, 
And lord help anything, that comes between me and my fam.


Chad Brackeen Photography
Thanks Susan. I had some great models!
Susan Dugger(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures of two precious little girls. Chad, you do a super job!!!!!
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