Rogers Engagement at Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

August 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Wesley and Valerie - engaged 2016!  Wesley, sentimental of this location for his final Eagle Scout project, chose the beautiful Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for their engagement portraits. I’m not sure he could have picked any better place to compliment his lovely fiancé Valerie. And thank you, God, for a few August clouds and a little reprieve from the prior 100 degree days. You guys were troopers and apparently sweat much less than I did on our session. They both must have had the “I Will Do Anything for Love” chorus on repeat in the back of their heads as they never gave me anything but smiles, laughs, and fun. As a side note, this chorus fades a little when the little kids arrive, at least as far as summer family photo session are concerned anyway. ;)

Photographer: "Ok, let's move on...Hey, were did Val go?"

Wesley: "Um, I think she went over there to catch a butterfly."

Photographer: "Well then you should definitely go over there in case she get's one!"

'Click, Click, click click click, Man I hope I get these!'

Let's just say, I could make an entire post on the butterfly series. It was simply an awesome experience to photograph.

I wish you many blessings on the start of your new life together forever.


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