An Aerospace Engineer and a Plane

September 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I’m excited to share with you all a commercial assignment I photographed for Harding Academy Memphis last week. The creative director called and asked if I could craft a handful of portraits of a very special alumna who was recently hired by Lockheed Martin after completing her degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics for a new alumni profile marketing piece Harding was putting together. Unfortunately there was something something something about top secret, and we wouldn’t be able to shoot an F-35 or even a lobby at LM.  That’s when our subject chimed in with the fact that two Lockheed products sat nicely outside of the Frontier of Flight Museum at Love Field, specifically an F-16B "Fighting Falcon" and T-33A "Shooting Star". Harding was right, she is a bright girl! The CD pulled some strings, I put on the Texas charm, and we were granted some gracious access at the museum. I sure wish my boys were old enough to tag along. A recreational visit is now on our to-do list!

Part of the creative direction included avoiding the look of 'girl at a museum' with our images. Inside, that was not as easy a task, as they really pack a lot of exhibits in there. So we started outside where we were dodging some light sprinkles that could have made a nice pyrotechnics show of my strobe light. Our model, or should I say engineer, made fantastic work of my loose direction. On second thought, I think the initial title was appropriate; we had to work on "engineering" up our images – hence the addition of our tablet prop. Noticing she didn't have any pockets, I silently slid my old civil engineering pocket protector back into the bag. I couldn’t be happier with our results, which were only achievable through the teamwork of the CD, the model, and the location. 


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