Jake! Mansfield Frontier Senior 2017

April 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Jake - Senior 2017!

For all of you that already know this guy, I don’t have to tell you how cool he is! And, boy did we have a fun senior portrait session. He brought along many of his favorite things - his Camaro, his dog, his family, and his tinkering lab.

Frontier, take note. The boys aren’t crazy about the purple! So, please excuse the Photoshop magic. 

And here's Byson trying to steal the show. Good dog!

In case you didn't know, Jake can build practically anything with his bare hands (you know like a solar super car), and he can put my own soldering skills to shame. That's probably why I truly enjoyed making this environmental portrait for Jake in his element. If there is a way to fit a workstation into his dorm room, Jake will certainly find it.

Congratulations Jake. Cherish this time cuz it only comes around once!


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