Chad Brackeen Photography: Blog en-us (C) Chad Brackeen Photography (Chad Brackeen Photography) Thu, 26 Apr 2018 21:01:00 GMT Thu, 26 Apr 2018 21:01:00 GMT Chad Brackeen Photography: Blog 90 120 Number 5 Alive I couldn't help it with this title. I talked the kids into watching Short Circuit a few months ago and they loved it. Now it's stuck in my brain for another 20 years. What was I going to do...oh yeah, Introducing!...last but not least, Baaaabyyyy - K! Precious number 5.

I anticipate that she will never be at a loss for someone to play with, stick up for her, guide her, or teach her how to wrestle.

And just think, here she was just a few short weeks ago awaiting her introduction into the world.

And I quote, "I'm definitely definitely done"...just making sure that gets on the record. ;)

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Its Fall in Texas Again Fall is always the best time for family portraits, and making them for long lost friends is even sweeter. This family recently moved back to Texas, and boy I’ll tell ya, we’re lucky to have them. Joy, kindness, and encouragement leak from these people in such an impressionable way that you can’t help but take notice and try your best to reciprocate. Meet the Cabreros. Keller Town Center provided a great backdrop for us, as it can be difficult in the midst of the big city to find nice trees in the fall. If only the northeast could ship a few more reds, oranges, and yellows our way, we’d be much appreciative. 

It is always fun to watch your clients grow in photograph. Here they were 2 children ago in still one of my favorite photographs. 

Welcome back guys. Make deep roots, and stick around.  


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Mikaela Senior 2018! Mikaela was awesome for her senior portrait session. Look out TWU, here comes a talented and beautiful freshman next year! We decided a day and night city-life fashion session would be a great theme for her portraits. The downtown Fort Worth delivered great locations for us to work with.  We sort of barged our way into a private residential tower for a quick pose at the elevator. A smile can get you a long way with the gatekeeper sometimes. I really love this edgy shot, maybe because we had to bend the rules a little to get it.  Ok, we did make this image in the studio before heading to downtown; but, did I mention that she's also a great softball player?  Um, yes, it was 7 stories down on the other side of that fence, but who has time to think about that when you're "bringin' it" for the camera! If you haven't pick up on this yet, I really love working after dark. Sundance Square provided us our scene, and with the onlookers that enjoyed our progress, I guess we may have made our own (scene). 

Many blessings are to come for this fantastic girl. 

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Jake! Mansfield Frontier Senior 2017 Jake - Senior 2017!

For all of you that already know this guy, I don’t have to tell you how cool he is! And, boy did we have a fun senior portrait session. He brought along many of his favorite things - his Camaro, his dog, his family, and his tinkering lab.

Frontier, take note. The boys aren’t crazy about the purple! So, please excuse the Photoshop magic. 

And here's Byson trying to steal the show. Good dog!

In case you didn't know, Jake can build practically anything with his bare hands (you know like a solar super car), and he can put my own soldering skills to shame. That's probably why I truly enjoyed making this environmental portrait for Jake in his element. If there is a way to fit a workstation into his dorm room, Jake will certainly find it.

Congratulations Jake. Cherish this time cuz it only comes around once!

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A Must Read Adoption Story Words can’t express the joy we share for this family of nine being ‘officially’ made one today!

Put down the paper, the slew of fake news, tv drama, stream of social feeds, and go read any one of the posts at Deep Rolling Right Field. Their story is real, beautifully written, and such a wonderful demonstration of God being the glue that holds all things together when life seems impossible. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be inspired, you will be blessed.

(A bookmark of our family portrait session celebrating their unity can be found here).

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An Aerospace Engineer and a Plane I’m excited to share with you all a commercial assignment I photographed for Harding Academy Memphis last week. The creative director called and asked if I could craft a handful of portraits of a very special alumna who was recently hired by Lockheed Martin after completing her degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics for a new alumni profile marketing piece Harding was putting together. Unfortunately there was something something something about top secret, and we wouldn’t be able to shoot an F-35 or even a lobby at LM.  That’s when our subject chimed in with the fact that two Lockheed products sat nicely outside of the Frontier of Flight Museum at Love Field, specifically an F-16B "Fighting Falcon" and T-33A "Shooting Star". Harding was right, she is a bright girl! The CD pulled some strings, I put on the Texas charm, and we were granted some gracious access at the museum. I sure wish my boys were old enough to tag along. A recreational visit is now on our to-do list!

Part of the creative direction included avoiding the look of 'girl at a museum' with our images. Inside, that was not as easy a task, as they really pack a lot of exhibits in there. So we started outside where we were dodging some light sprinkles that could have made a nice pyrotechnics show of my strobe light. Our model, or should I say engineer, made fantastic work of my loose direction. On second thought, I think the initial title was appropriate; we had to work on "engineering" up our images – hence the addition of our tablet prop. Noticing she didn't have any pockets, I silently slid my old civil engineering pocket protector back into the bag. I couldn’t be happier with our results, which were only achievable through the teamwork of the CD, the model, and the location. 

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Rogers Engagement at Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Meet Wesley and Valerie - engaged 2016!  Wesley, sentimental of this location for his final Eagle Scout project, chose the beautiful Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for their engagement portraits. I’m not sure he could have picked any better place to compliment his lovely fiancé Valerie. And thank you, God, for a few August clouds and a little reprieve from the prior 100 degree days. You guys were troopers and apparently sweat much less than I did on our session. They both must have had the “I Will Do Anything for Love” chorus on repeat in the back of their heads as they never gave me anything but smiles, laughs, and fun. As a side note, this chorus fades a little when the little kids arrive, at least as far as summer family photo session are concerned anyway. ;)

Photographer: "Ok, let's move on...Hey, were did Val go?"

Wesley: "Um, I think she went over there to catch a butterfly."

Photographer: "Well then you should definitely go over there in case she get's one!"

'Click, Click, click click click, Man I hope I get these!'

Let's just say, I could make an entire post on the butterfly series. It was simply an awesome experience to photograph.

I wish you many blessings on the start of your new life together forever.

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The Late Great Baby J in the Newborn Studio Today Getting ready to grow up in a house full of girls, the birth of Baby Boy J may be the only time he is accused of being late – 9 days late in fact. That extra time in God’s oven sure helped make him a lovely newborn model here in the Burleson photo studio.

Baby J is going to have to work hard on his mean face and muscles to get ready to defend these two blond bomb-shell sisters of his.


Do you remember these two girls from the archives?

You guys are near to our hearts, and we can’t wait to help photograph your growing moments in this family. Many blessings Baby-J, and be nice to mama.

If you have time to enjoy more pictures from our newborn session, hit up the video below. And as always, thanks for pinning your favorites.


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CBP Studio Celebrates a Burleson Baby Girl this Christmas One healthy baby girl trumped every other present under the tree for one Burleson family.

This newborn session was a joy to photograph and a great reminder of life’s true gifts. We made quick work of her session to accommodate all of the holiday activities. I'm sad to say, however, I missed the opportunity to photograph her in the pink fireplace stocking she came wrapped in from Santa. Mom already stole that thunder when she came home from the hospital just 5 days ago in it. ;)


Many blessing to you all, and thank you for letting me care for your precious daughter. Hold onto this one; she's a keeper. 

If you’re interested in a peek into the CBP Studio, hit this quick video for a 20-second behind the scenes of our newborn session. 

Chad Brackeen Photography Studio Behind the Scenes into a Newborn Session

Royalty Free Music by

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Love at White Rock Lake | Engagement Portraits from Burleson Texas What is not to love about making engagement portraits for two people that love each other, display genuine emotion, are adventurous, and come prepared with amazing ideas for their session? Such was the case with Jordan and Curly. Thank you for trusting me as the photographer to turn your visions into a reality for celebrating your engagement.

Engagement Portraits at the Lake

Engagement Portraits at the Lake


Jordan had hopes of a casual lake session matching the theme of her wedding plans. Unfortunately, we are fresh out of lakes in Burleson. That's ok. With the client's time constraints from their weekend trip to Dallas, I knew we needed a location that was closer for them anyway. Dallas White Rock Lake provided exactly what we needed - water, access, and variety.

Engagement Portraits at Dallas White Rock Lake Engagement Portraits at Dallas White Rock Lake Engagement Portraits at Dallas White Rock Lake

I put lots of thought in finding the perfect location for each of my clients. And it's nice sometimes to stray from the go-tos just as we did for Jordan and Curly's session. Come to think of it, it's always my adventurous engagement sessions that pull me off the beaten path, much like when I shot the Dallas skyline for another client.

I have way too many great pictures from the props and ideas my clients came prepared with to show you all of them, but I have to share this carry-me-away balloon idea Jordan was prepared for. Fun, adventurous, creative, what's not to love with this couple?

Engagement Portraits with Balloons

Engagement Couple with Balloons

Regretfully, since I don't typically take on wedding work, engagement sessions are a bit of a rare occurrence for me. These sessions are typically gobbled up by wedding photographers. Is there as much motivation for a wedding photographer to create an extravagant engagement session for a client who has already booked them for their wedding? I dunno. But I can tell you, I simply love creating memories for people in love and enjoy working hard to find the best way to celebrate and showcase their engagement for their friends and family.

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Sisters Sisters | Children Photography in Burleson I was in the middle of writing a generic blog post about testing new locations in Burleson, having to make quick use of my time before the sun got unbearably HOT (It's August y'all), and wondering how to incorporate this all into a witty blog post...all the while my wife keeps singing  "Sister, Sister" in my ear. (I'm not sure she knew any more words than those to whatever this song was, but she knew those...)

So, to YouTube we went...

Let's just say, I am now educated on The Haynes Sisters.

Here we go, adapted of course to the life and times of a two and four year-old.

Sisters, sisters 
There were never such devoted sisters, 
Never had to have a babysitter, no sir, 
I'm there to keep my eye on her. 

Caring, sharing 
Every little thing that we are wearing 

When it was time to get our photos done,
We wore our dresses, and we had fun!

All kinds of weather, we stick together 
The same in the rain and sweltering sun 
Two different faces, but in tight places 
We think and we act as one. 

Those who've seen us 
Know that not a thing could come between us 
Many toys have tried to split us up, but nothing can. 

Lord help the missy, who comes between me and my sissy, 
And lord help anything, that comes between me and my fam.

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Cherishing that First Year with Toddler Portraits  

Burleson Family Portraits - Kiss Smash Face PhotoKiss Smash

One-year portraits for returning clients are the best. It always amazes me to see a baby that I knew turn into a boy! The face is always the same, which just baffles me in and of itself, but now there’s a personality to complement what was once just a gas induced smile.  Burleson Family Portraits - Toddler 01 PhotoToddler and family portraits near Fort Worth in Grapevine, TX.

Burleson Family Portraits - Toddler 01 PhotoToddler and family portraits near Fort Worth in Grapevine, TX.

Burleson Family Portraits - Toddler 01 PhotoToddler and family portraits near Fort Worth in Grapevine, TX.


Burleson Family Portraits - Toddler 01 PhotoToddler and family portraits near Fort Worth in Grapevine, TX. Responding, laughing and crying at real things, turning pages in a book, eating food that doesn’t look like gruel, and do we have to mention those tentative first few steps? These are all milestones that should be cherished.  If you are fortunate enough save some moments on camera or video, what a great legacy they will be for you and them. 

Burleson Family Portraits - Toddler 01 PhotoToddler and family portraits near Fort Worth in Grapevine, TX.

Burleson Family Portraits - Toddler 01 PhotoToddler and family portraits near Fort Worth in Grapevine, TX.
As a parent of two boys, this to me is the time when the connection to our children flourishes. It’s when we can interact, help them grow into their self, make them laugh, fix their hurts, teach them to drive a peg with that tiny hammer thing...
Burleson Family Portraits - Toddler 01 PhotoToddler and family portraits near Fort Worth in Grapevine, TX.

Burleson Family Portraits - Toddler 01 PhotoToddler and family portraits near Fort Worth in Grapevine, TX. Back to this amazing, unchanging face from birth, take a second look at these newborn images and tell me that he doesn’t look the same. :)

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Summertime Family Photo Adventures Around Fort Worth Summertime usually means that the kids are home and life is full of activities to keep them engaged. Why not bring along a photographer  and let them explore a new space with room to roam as one of these summer adventures? You'll be rewarded with fun family photographs to celebrate the summer. We recently ventured out of Burleson to meet up with a few past clients in Grapevine where we had a fun old-town and garden session before the summer heat set in.

Burleson Family Photography 05 photoBurleson Family Photography 05 photo

Burleson Family Photography 06 photoBurleson Family Photography 06 photo

Burleson Family Photography 12 photoBurleson Family Photography 12 photo

Burleson Family Photography 04 photoBurleson Family Photography 04 photo

We made time to enjoy the goldfish, flowers, a hike in the woods with our wagon, a green spot to park our train, and each other. I wish we'd have had even more time to enjoy the summer craft fair or some ice cream on the square with my clients, but I had another date on the mound as starting pitcher for the Washington Nationals, a tee ball team not to be reckoned with, and they had a plane to catch. All that aside, smiles abounded, and some cuteness that is ever maturing was preserved for mom and dad. 

Burleson Family Photography 14 photoBurleson Family Photography 14 photo Burleson Family Photography 13 photoBurleson Family Photography 13 photo Burleson Family Photography 11 photoBurleson Family Photography 11 photo Burleson Family Photography 09 photoBurleson Family Photography 09 photo   Burleson Family Photography 07 photoBurleson Family Photography 07 photo Burleson Family Photography 01 photoBurleson Family Photography 01 photo Burleson Family Photography 16 photoBurleson Family Photography 16 photo


Do you want some ideas for your summer family photo adventure with CBP? Reach out with the links above. And as always, happy pinning!

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Burleson Newborn Portraits of a Colorful Spring Baby Hope
This little sweetheart may have been her mommy & daddy's FOURTH little angel, but she definitely brought with her her share of firsts.

Burleson newborn 01 photoBurleson newborn 01 photo

She is the first one with dark hair (like daddy's).

Burleson newborn 06 photoBurleson newborn 06 photo

She is the first springtime baby (so naturally a picture outside was in order).

Burleson newborn 10 photoBurleson newborn 10 photo

She is the first one and only her.
Burleson newborn 11 photoBurleson newborn 11 photo

Burleson newborn 08 photoBurleson newborn 08 photo Burleson newborn 04 photoBurleson newborn 04 photo

Mom's signature move - the BIG bow. This bow will show up in at least one picture in each photo shoot until she's one or the dog eats it...whichever comes first.
Burleson newborn 03 photoBurleson newborn 03 photo
As a newborn photographer, it's ideal to photograph a new baby before they are 10 days old. Of course it can be done at any time, but to get those great, relaxed poses, we need a VERY sleepy baby. And most babies are happy to oblige us for about 10 days. That is why I was very happy that this little lady didn't come early. (We were out of town until a few days before her due date, and she just waited for us...) The shoot would not have gone as smoothly if you had come a few weeks early and we missed our golden opportunity. Uncle Chad thanks you.

Daddy's cowboy hat has made an appearance in all 4 newborn sons and daughters pictures...but each one with a unique look.
Burleson newborn 02 photoBurleson newborn 02 photo
I always take time in my newborn shoots to capture their hands, feet, eyes, ears, hair, etc. In the blink of an eye, those tiny parts will be hard to remember...but now they are saved forever. They grow up too fast.  

Burleson newborn 05 photoBurleson newborn 05 photo Burleson newborn 09 photoBurleson newborn 09 photo

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Cutest New Midlothian Baby Comes to Burleson for Pictures Spoiler alert! This little lady just happens to be the first grandGIRL on both sides of her family. Like I said, spoiler alert. Her grandmothers were already breaking out the family heirlooms at just 11-days for her newborn pictures: Yay Yay's little chair and her great grandmother Tootsie's hat box and pearls!

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0016 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0016 Photo

Enjoy the slide show below, or continue on for some of our favorite portraits.

Burleson Newborn Portrait Chad Brackeen photographs a families first newborn baby in his new portrait studio in Burleson

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0010 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0010 Photo

Baby A arrived just in time for one mom to celebrate her first Mother's Day! And boy does she already have her daddy wrapped around her little finger too. So much so that she didn't mind peeing through Daddy's shirt one, no two, wait...three times! Whose idea was it to start photographing naked babies anyway? Oh wait, that was me. Oh come on, those little roles and fuzz and cheeks are adorable and need to be remembered before they are all grown out of. And I think I can quote daddy when I say it was all totally worth it!

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0019 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0019 Photo Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0005 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0005 Photo

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0006 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0006 Photo

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0011 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0011 Photo

When doing newborn shoots, it's important to prioritize your shot list. You never know when the little one will be D-O-N-E, and when that happens, it would behoove you to listen. So we work fast, safe, and start with most important shots. To me the must haves are the family shots, a good angle of our baby's face, and any essential props from mom. After this is when Pinterest can cause us problems...too many other great ideas to choose from! When our baby says it's over, we listen. Luckily, this lady let us have all of our fun and then some.

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0026 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0026 Photo

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0023 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0023 Photo

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0022 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0022 Photo

Thank you baby A for helping me break in the new Burleson studio! And thank you readers for pinning any of your favorite images. BTW, If you missed our mom’s maternity portraits you can see them here. Cheers.

Burleson Newborn Portrait - 0029 PhotoBurleson Newborn Portrait - 0029 Photo

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Maternity Portraits with Style in Burleson I tell you there is something in the water near Burleson. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy another reel from a recent maternity session with a beautiful family that I have had the opportunity to photograph again as they grow.

Burleson Maternity PortraitsThis was such a fun fashion maternity session on location and in the studio in Burleson

I’m not a mom, um ok that probably went without saying, but it seems to me pregnancy is a great time show off a little fashion flair and to be proud of your new figure. I mean you have to buy new clothes anyway, why not make them a little more stylish or colorful than normal. You only have to hit a 9 month fashion curve, pun intended. I love this clean white shot, it reminds me so much of the magazine look I was aiming for. Did you catch that little belly vogue in the video clip above; I’ll have to remember to work that in next time…cracks me up every time I watch it.

Fashion Maternity Portrait

Maternity Silhouette

Maternity Portrait Prop

Maternity Portrait Fashion 2

With an army of faith and grace in this family, this was such a great idea to celebrate the next middle name. Is it just me or does anyone else see a ‘love’ in their future? Just keep drinking that south Fort Worth water.

Family Maternity Portrait Family Maternity Portrait 2

Maternity Portrait Couple

P.S. Anyone want to help me with my Pinterest debut? You can tag with the icon if you hover over the images. Thanks!

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A Legacy of Maternity Portraits
Armstrong MaternityMaternity portraits are an invaluable legacy for your children.

Baby A's first pictures came before she ever met this world. When she was growing in your womb, she listened to your heartbeat all day long. Your walk lulled her to sleep. She already loved you so much. And you her.

Maternity portraits are just one of the things you did in preparation for her arrival - so she could see you when you two were one. She will want to have these one day.

I've never seen any pictures of my mom pregnant with me. I would like to have one.

Many do not realize but maternity portraits are foremost a legacy to your child. Once that precious baby arrives there are no re-dos. Everyone says you look beautiful when you are pregnant, and it's true, even on the days when you don't feel it. Take this moment captive, and one day show it to him or her. 


]]> (Chad Brackeen Photography) Baby Location Maternity Portraits Studio Sun, 16 Mar 2014 12:59:49 GMT
Photographing Children and the Elusive Smile I always love a good challenge. My most common portrait client challenge is, "my child never smiles for the camera." Game on! Just do me a favor, I add, and see picture day as your one free pass to "spare the rod" and not aspire to rear royal-class citizens. Let them play, laugh, and be themselves, and I'll do my best to preserve those little gifts of genuine expression from your children...or stubborn spouse. I've actually found the later to be more of a challenge...present company excluded.

Burleson Family Portraits 03 photoBurleson Family Portraits 03 photo

When I heard mention that this photo session was some little one's first, and that he, up to this point, had a smile elusive to the camera, I gave it my all starting with an engaging location. I had a few trains, tractors, and trucks up my sleeve, and I can't think of many things better for a little boy.

Burleson Family Portraits 05 photoBurleson Family Portraits 05 photo

Burleson Family Portraits 06 photoBurleson Family Portraits 06 photo

Second, I usually aim for a tight family shot to start the session. Keep 'em in the herd where there's comfort ­­­-- that's my thought anyway. I even started using a tripod with much success when necessary. This third hand frees me up for more interaction and the occasional deployment of bells, whistles, and bargain bin dog toys.

Burleson Family Portraits 02 photoBurleson Family Portraits 02 photo

It doesn't take kids long to warm up to the process. This is when we can really start to play and talk as I make simple requests of them all the while carrying on in ways that may have embarrassed my adult self from the engineering world. I thank my own children for helping me hone this skill.

Burleson Family Portraits 04 photoBurleson Family Portraits 04 photo

Burleson Family Portraits 07 photoBurleson Family Portraits 07 photo

I can tell you what doesn't work -- ask a kid to smile. Have you seen these smiles? Hilarious...but awful.

In the end patience, genuine interaction, and only a slight bit of trickery would be needed to prevail.  

Burleson Family Portraits 01 photoBurleson Family Portraits 01 photo

Meet Texas A&M graduating classes of 2031, 2029, and 2034!

]]> (Chad Brackeen Photography) Children Family Location Portraits Wed, 05 Mar 2014 13:38:47 GMT
Family Portraits Down by the River  

Family Portrait in River-03 Photo

As a father of two young preschool boys, and already feeling short on time, I can’t begin to image how parents of active middle and high school girls have the time to breathe or sleep. In fact, I had been approached by this family a few times prior to the summer for a family session, but with all of their efforts serving and teaching at church, going on missions, raising money for benevolence opportunities and missions like Arms of Hope, encouraging their young soccer and theater stars, and going to as many FC Dallas games as possible, it was understandably difficult for them to carve out time for a portrait session. Or, maybe just the thought of having to find matching clothes for everyone was too stressful.Family Portrait in River-06 Photo

Family Portrait in River-02 Photo

But, knowing what a priority it is to have family photos (and judging by a few profile pictures on Facebook, it had been A. WHILE.), they jumped at the opportunity to purchase a CBP voucher to support our church's mission trip to Chile earlier this summer. Everyone wins! I know I did - they were a joy to photograph. And now those new profile pictures are on their way.Family Portrait in River-09 Photo Family Portrait in River-08 Photo

Family Portrait in River-05 Photo

And their timing couldn’t have been better with the plethora of milestones for them this year: like starting junior high, starting high school, and dad hitting a major birthday (21, I think it was). These are those busy times that I hear just fly by; I’m so glad that we were able to preserve at least a few brief seconds for them through portraits.Family Portrait in River-10 Photo

Family Portrait in River-07 Photo


Family Portrait in River-01 Photo

And to those of you who think photo shoots are a drag, it's time to find a new photographer. At CBP, we know how to have fun!


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Baby A in the Studio Ready for Snaps Without further ado, Baby –A (for Awesome) has arrived at the studio with his party hats on ready to be photographed. Do newborns really have a little angle and a little devil on their shoulders? If you have one of your own, you already know the resounding answer to that question. But the good will prevail, the bad will be forgotten, and what you have left is pure joy – a blessing from above.

Newborn baby in studio -0025 Photo

First Words, “Turn me up in the headphones”, I can’t hear my white noise. I like to rock it out to sounds of the ocean, and then mix it up with a little rhythmic beat of the heart. And every once-in-a-while I like to spice it up with a little punk band called Whomb when I need a break from my Jonny Cash.

Newborn baby in studio -0023 Photo

My mommy loves me (remember all of her hard maternity work?),

Newborn baby in studio -0001 Photo

And my daddy loves me,

Newborn baby in studio -0022 Photo

And they know I’m super cute,

Newborn baby in studio -0005 Photo

‘till they see my first diaper.

Newborn baby in studio -0003 Photo

Then they can’t decide who will change me,

Newborn baby in studio -0009 Photo

Newborn baby in studio -0004 Photo

Looks like its daddy,

Newborn baby in studio -0008 Photo

Ah, and now back to being cute.

Newborn baby in studio -0017 Photo

Newborn baby in studio -0018 Photo

Newborn baby in studio -0019 Photo


]]> (Chad Brackeen Photography) Baby Family Newborn Portraits Studio Thu, 20 Jun 2013 20:28:57 GMT